Tapas, Share Plates, Larges Plates By The Waterfront



TOROS TAPAS & BAR | Enjoy our Spanish-inspired menu for rustic shared dining and harbourside views

Lunch. Dinner. Tapas. Dessert. Weekend Brunch.
Coffee. Tea. Beer. Wine. Cocktails.

Eat. Drink. Relax


Our Food Inspiration

A Modern Australian
Tapas & Dining Experience
By The Waterfront


Welcome To Toros Tapas & Bar, Darling Harbour where eating, drinking and beautiful views presents a unique and intimate contemporary dining experience.

Taking inspiration from its namesake, Toros brings full bodied flavours to the table for a
tapas, share plates and large plates dining experience by the waterfront.

At the heart of Toros lies bold flavours with a wide-ranging and varied menu. Based on the seafood and fish gems of the sea, and yield of local farms and gardens, the true gastronomy comes from the use of seasonal locally-sourced produce as an array of tapas,
shared and larger plates. The contemporary flavour-driven menu is featured alongside a crafted selection of wines with a valiant cocktail list and waterfront views. We celebrate local seasonal produce on every plate, where farm-fresh local and seasonal ingredients shine.

For breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tapas, dessert and more, our menu appeals to every taste, appetite and dietary requirement. Matched to stunning waterfront views, Toros Tapas & Bar presents the ultimate rustic shared dining experience.

Join us and discover why we live to
Eat. Drink. Relax.